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Fragile X Syndrome (Mini scriptie, Psychobiologie)

Is the generalisation of idiopathic autism and Fragile X syndrome a mistake?

Autism is a congenital pervasive developmental disorder. There are two kinds of autism; idiopathic autism and secondary autism. Secondary autism is autism in which a known environmental agent, chromosome abnormality or single-gene disorder can be identified. In contrast, the main cause of idiopathic autism is unknown. Fragile X syndrome is a case of secondary autism. People nowadays often treat patients with Fragile X the same as patients with idiopathic autism. Sharing a lot of features and considering the fact that Fragile X can also come with autism makes it interesting to compare the two disorders. This leads us to the question;what is the difference between patients diagnosed with idiopathic autism and patients diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome? This review discusses the genetic, phenotypic and behavioural differences between the two disorders. The biggest dissimilarity must be the fact that Frag…

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